Greater Chicagoland's Premier Kid's Destination
OH NO! Bellaboo's is closed! The streets surrounding the building, and our parking lot are flooded, and we will remain closed until they are passable again.

If you need to reach us, please do so on social media, or by calling the Lake County Parks main business office at 219-769-PARK.

Bellaboo's Play and Discovery Center is a self-directed play facility providing colorful, fun, and secure areas where children from infants to age nine can explore, create, and interact.

Before you come and play, be sure to check out our important PLAY BASICS!

Bellaboo's Play Basics

• Play for Kids age 9 & younger
• Everyone wears socks
• Supervise your Sweeties
• Keep your wristband on
• No sick guests - Sanitation is Safety
• No outside food or drink except for baby/allergy
• Have FUN
• Cakes, presents, balloons are permitted ONLY for scheduled Bellaboo's Birthday Parties and private use of party rooms

They’ll never know they’re learning. . . But, we will!


Heart-y Party Valentine’s Celebration

Wednesday, February 14th from 10am-2pm
It’s la-la-la-love fest at Bellaboo’s when Cupid crashes in! Join us for your fill of warm fuzzies, kind hearts, and lots of love!
Programs for the day include Love in Action Story Time, Hearts ATTACK, Cooking with Cupid, and Chocolate Covered Science.

Presidential Play

Presidential play in a super fun way! Vote for KIDS on this day off of school and bring them to Bellaboo’s to do something cool. Plenty to do with the red, white, and blue! Pin a star on your jacket for providing play…kids learn that way! Activities  include Powdered Wig Workshop, ”Our Abe Lincoln” Sing-Song Story Time, Log Cabin,  and Patriotic Play.

Eggs Marks the Spot tickets go on sale 1/29!



Bellaboo is a most unusual bat.  While other bats sleep during the day, he is wide awake.  While other bats hang upside down from the ceiling, Bellaboo walks on the floor.  And, while other bats eat bugs, Bellaboo is quite a good cook.  He likes to draw and climb and play.  He is very good at sliding and jumping.  Mother and Father Bat don’t know what to do with Bellaboo.  But he makes them smile and you will too, when you visit Bellaboo’s Play and Discovery Center at Three Rivers County Park in Lake Station, Indiana.  Bellaboo's is another fine facility of the Lake County Parks and Recreation Department.