Bellaboo bat
  • Available all year long includes: themed Children's Cooking, a themed activity, and  the ability to stay and play all day long (additional art activity can be added for 50 cents per child)
  • Price: $6.50 per child (additional art activity adds 50 cents)

Our mascot is an Indiana Bat. Bats are friends of nature. They are valuable to our habitat by eating insects, pollinating plants, and spreading seeds. During your educational field trip, your students will explore with their hands, minds, body and senses to learn about how bats interact with and contribute to our environment. We will distill any myths our young visitors may have about bats, and replace them with factual information about these amazing mammals. Your students will learn how bats use echolocation to find food, and fly safely in the darkest places. In addition, your students will participate in an interactive experiment by using their senses, like a bat does, to locate and identify their off spring.