Kids making craft
  • Available all year long includes: themed Children's Cooking, a themed activity, and the ability to stay and play all day long (additional art activity can be added for 50 cents per child)
  • Price: $6.50 per child (additional art activity adds 50 cents)

How we care for the earth today will have a big impact on the world tomorrow. Our field trip on ecology will teach your students about the natural world around them and the living things in relation to the biosphere they inhabit. It is about preservation and conservation of our planet. All living things are linked in what we call our habitat. Children will learn how they can pitch in to save the earth. We will explore the 3 R’s –Recycle, Reuse, and Reduce and participate in a recycling-trash sorting race. The children will create their own edible compost pile in Children's Cooking In addition, your students will learn how to preserve and protect our natural resources- like the local dunes and Lake Michigan.