I Dive into Acceptance

Group at water table
  • Available all year long includes: themed Children's Cooking, a themed activity, and the ability to stay and play all day long (additional art activity can be added for 50 cents per child)
  • Price: $6.50 per child (additional art activity adds 50 cents)

I Dive into Acceptance, or IDIA, is a diversity trip about inclusion and accessibility designed to help fight fear with familiarity. Everyone is invited to step into the many challenges others may face on a daily basis. Throughout this trip, the students will grow in empathy as they recognize and personally experience the many obstacles people with physical disabilities and special talents have to deal with on a daily basis. In Children’s Cooking, we will be encouraged to utilize our vision, as we silently navigate the world for the hearing impaired. In the performance room, we will be tackling many physical challenges through an obstacle course focusing on different physical disabilities. Top this trip off by adding an art lesson ($0.50/child). The children will be visually impaired as they experience and overcome this fun and inspiring art activity.