Discovery Trip Basics

Bellaboo's Reserved Group "Discovery Trips" - Where learning is FUN

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Bellaboo's offers a series of age appropriate educational activities great for preschool and elementary grades K-3, home schools, and others. Reservations, available Tuesday through Friday, may be made by calling Bellaboo's at 219-963-2070. Bellaboo's remains open to the public during group trips. Click here for Discovery Trip Options or here for Lunch choices.

Important Discovery Trip Information

General information: On-site educational activities may be altered or modified depending on the season, weather conditions, group size, and age of children. Reminder: Children and students must wear socks in Bellaboo's year round.

Bellaboo's Expectations to our Teachers, Parents, Grandparents, Caregivers and other Chaperones: Thank you for volunteering to guide your group on their Discovery Trip to Bellaboo's. To help make this experience relaxing and enjoyable, there are benches to sit on in each play area so you can watch the children play. It is important that adult chaperones help supervise and monitor the behavior of all children and students and model courteous behavior throughout the Discovery Trip.

We know that your group is EXCITED to be at Bellaboo’s and that Bellaboo’s can be a stimulating place, so we need your assistance to make your Discovery Trip the best ever.

Bellaboo's Play and Discovery Center is designed for children to explore and learn. We ask that all visitors, children and adults, to Bellaboo's treat all other guests in the facility in a safe and respectful manner to maximize everyone’s experience. Treat others as you would like to be treated (no hitting, tugging, yelling). With your help, we can ensure your trip will be effortless and enjoyable for all who are visiting. Regretfully, groups that violate the general rules of the facility or display unruly behavior may be declined the opportunity to schedule a future event.

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We reserve the right to make changes to Discovery Trips programs.
Free Play is optional when time permits.