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Parenting Together: Gentle Parenting

Dr. Anthony McCrovitz: Childhood's Web, how the brain develops through social interaction.

Saturday, January 21 | 9:15-10 a.m. FREE
Discounted admission offered to stay and play

A child's curiosity naturally wants to learn and explore. As parents this intrinsic gift for human development is an organic guide for our own recognition of who the child is, of where they are in their awareness of self and others, and of what is meaningful to them.

There are simple insights into the Childhood's Web of Social Interaction will help us nurture shared moments with enriching qualities, and provides direction as we work together to create learning and loving opportunities that enhance social-emotional development.

Parents, educators, and caregivers are all invited to grow and learn through this unique opportunity.

Dr. Anthony M. McCrovitz Ph.D., LMHC, BCPC, IMH-E® (II), DAPA is the Executive Director of Globe Star, LLC and the Quality of Life Institute, Inc.; He is an active member and past president (2015-16) of Indiana Counseling Association (ICA)




What’s Happening at Bellaboo’s Today?

Enjoy these activities for FREE with the price of admission!!!  Bellaboo’s activity schedule is subject to change so please check the daily signs posted throughout the facility to confirm program times.

Daily Scheduled Activities
Circle Time 11:00
Children's Cooking Noon & 2:30
Creative Discovery Classes 1:30
Storytime 3:30


Success by 6 Trail at Bellaboo’s

The Lake County Parks and United Way Success By 6 have teamed up to add a Born Learning Trail at Bellaboo’s.  Both outdoor and indoor activities are listed on each of the ten trail signs designed to encourage parents and caregivers to do activities with the children. 

The concept of the Born Learning Trail is that children are born learning, which is a perfect fit with Bellaboo’s. For wonderful resources click on their link http://www.unitedwaypc.org/SB6

Born Learning